Ward Realty - Topsail Island Vacation Rentals

Ward Realty logo Topsail Island is rated as the Best Beach in the USA 2016 by Trip Advisor and we couldn’t agree more. Twenty-six miles of pristine beaches and our family friendly atmosphere create the perfect place to relax and reconnect with those you love.

At Ward Realty, our top priority is customer service and our mission is to provide a fun memorable vacation experience for all families visiting Topsail Island. Come and see the Ward Realty difference, after all - 98% of our guests say they would use Ward Realty again for their vacation plans.

Topsail Island is a 26-mile-long barrier island with three distinct beach communities: Surf City, Topsail Beach and North Topsail Beach. We don’t have huge hotels or amusement park level attractions, unless you count the old school roller rink, a historical museum and putt putt golf. Topsail Island is a place to enjoy the beach in its purest, simplest form—without the crowds or chaos of some other coastal towns. If your idea of paradise involves long days spent relaxing in the sun, lazily casting a line or catching up on your reading list, you’ll love it here. For a bit of history, spend a rainy day at the Missiles and More Museum, where exhibits explore the secret missile testing program in Topsail during WWII and the pirate lore behind our name. At Ward Realty, we offer a wide variety of private, cozy cottages and beachside retreats just steps from the ocean. Let our experts help you find the perfect place for your family.

Ward Realty, the “Original Developers of Topsail Island” has been serving Topsail Island since 1947. A third generation family owned and operated company, started the vacation rental management division in the 1950s, and currently offers the best variety of rental homes from Topsail Beach to Surf City and North Topsail Beach.

Ward Realty has 273 properties listed on RentABeach. Below is a list of rental properties sorted by name. Click on a property's name to view its listing.

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Property  Bedrooms  Proximity  Type  Location  
A Peach @ the Beach10Oceanfront B-Lot/OceansidehouseHampton Colony
@ The Beach7OceanfronthouseHampton Colony
Tipsy Turtle South6OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Tipsy Turtle North6OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Big Kahuna8OceanviewhouseSurf City
At Last5OceanfronttownhomeNorth Topsail Beach
Carolina Palms4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Inn Luxury South6OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Inn Luxury North6OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Beach Dreamer5OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Baby Girl5OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
A Lil' Piece of Paradise5OceanfronthouseSurf City
C' Turtle5OceanfronthouseSurf City
Time In A Bottle6OceanfronthouseSurf City
Sea La Vie5OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Raindrops on Roses5OceanfrontduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Simple Pleasure5OceanfronthouseSurf City
Kickin' Back4OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Sea Crest6OceanfronthouseSurf City
Hukilau4OceanfrontduplexSurf City
4 Reel4OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Sea Splash5OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
A Dream Come True4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
White Pearl4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Tranquilaire5Second RowhouseSurf City
Beach Baby5OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Heline Hideaway II5OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Andrews5OceanfronthouseSurf City
What A View6OceanfronthouseSurf City
Lily's View6OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Oceanic6OceanfronthouseSurf City
Sundance5OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Bennett5OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Family Tides4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Sandy Toes5OceanfronthouseSurf City
Maui East4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Stargazer5OceanfronthouseSurf City
Gull Friend6OceanfronthouseSurf City
Oceancrest4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Dettor4OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Jewel of the Isle4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
What A Blessing4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Surf Side5OceanfronthouseSurf City
Blue Skies4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Meant To Be5OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Hampton Dunes5Oceanfront B-Lot/OceansideduplexHampton Colony
Double U Seas4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Al Mare Bellissimo4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Southern Aire5OceanfronthouseSurf City
Renaissance4OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Bunnie's Hutch5OceanfronthouseSurf City
Happy Ours4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Bilou's4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
White Water's Adventure4OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Tower Four3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Off the Hook4OceanfronthouseSurf City
The Sugar Shak4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Sylva Sands3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Mintz House4OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Sundog4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Son Seekers4OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
ALL'S WELL4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Spray4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Sunny Side4OceanfronthouseSurf City
My Island Retreat4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Jolly Holiday4OceanfrontduplexTopsail Beach
Topsail Time4OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Topsail Dreamcatcher4OceanviewhouseTopsail Beach
Salty Kisses4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Fancy Free4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Island Time5OceanfronthouseSurf City
Hook, Wine & Sinker4SoundfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Legacy Beach House4OceanfrontduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Sarah's Sandcastle4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Beach Bound4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Pier Pressure3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Atlantic Sunrise4OceanfrontduplexTopsail Beach
Tax Breakers4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Lagniappe4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Seas The Dream3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Dakota Dunes4OceanfrontduplexSurf City
2 Britt Buoys4OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Best Friends4OceanfrontduplexNorth Topsail Beach
La Costa Nostra4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Point in Tide4OceanfrontduplexTopsail Beach
Sea Fever5OceanfronthouseSurf City
Epiphany4OceanfrontduplexTopsail Beach
Peace of Paradise4SoundfronthouseTopsail Beach
A-Devine-View4OceanfrontduplexTopsail Beach
Heath6OceanfronthouseSurf City
Breakers4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Moondoggy3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Surf Club3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Attitude Adjustment4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Merritt House4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Irish Blues4OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Whittington3OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Allure4OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Awesome Oceanfront B4OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Dolphin Watch South4OceanfrontduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Temporary Sanity5CanalfronthouseTopsail Beach
Summer Sands3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Sunchaser4OceanviewduplexSurf City
Awesome Oceanfront A4OceanfrontduplexSurf CIty
Feels Like Home - formerly Next-ta-Sea3OceanfrontduplexTopsail Beach
Here Comes The Sun3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Time in Topsail3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Our Heels in the Sand4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Tumble Inn4OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Chez Nous3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Sea Hawk4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Patient Tide3OceanviewhouseVillage of Stump Sound
Dolphin Watch North4OceanfrontduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Fair Winds4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Water Spot4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Barefoot Bumblebee5OceanviewhouseSurf City
Loggerhead Landing5OceanviewhouseSurf City
Sea Glass3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Spindrift3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Sea Dog3OceanfronthouseSurf City
A Reef Intermission5OceanviewhouseSurf City
Luna Sea3OceanfronttownhomeTurtle Cove
7 Seashells4OceanfrontduplexNorth Topsail Beach
The Other Place5OceanfronthouseSurf City
Periwinkle3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Topsail Turvy II3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Riptide3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Spikes3OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
A Leave of Absence5CanalfronthouseTopsail Beach
Wind Song3OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Sea Turtles & Seashells5OceanviewhouseSurf City
Maritime Princess4CanalfronthouseTopsail Beach
By George4OceanviewhouseSurf City
Fish Tales3OceanfronttownhomeTurtle Cove
Boca North3OceanviewhouseVillage of Stump Sound
Jones' Home Port3OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Baystater3OceanfronttownhomeTurtle Cove
Sea Bees4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Casa del Mar3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Beach Daze3OceanfronttownhomeTurtle Cove
Fins To The Left3OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Fins To The Right3OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Sea Star - Beachnuts4OceanviewtownhomeSea Star Village
Montana Cafe2OceanfronthouseSurf City
Casablanca3OceanfronthouseSurf City
A B Sea4OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Sea-Renity4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Heron Hideaway5SoundviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
5 O'Clock Somewhere5SoundviewhouseSurf City
Marble Winds3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Shackin' Up5OceanviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Wholly Mackerel2OceanfronthouseSurf City
Rest Ashored3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Yawl Come South3OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Yawl Come North3OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Nancy & Clara's3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Carolina Blue5OceanviewduplexSurf City
Capt. Mack IV4SoundviewhouseSurf City
Tahiti Too3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Beach Haven3OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Heels in the Sand4OceanviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Mermaid View3OceanviewhouseTopsail Beach
Dream III4OceanviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
A Pirate & His Mermaid3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Sound Retreat4SoundfronthouseSurf City
Castaway3OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Better At The Beach4OceanviewhouseSurf City
On Turtle Time5OceanviewhouseSurf City
Ordanic4SoundfronthouseTopsail Beach
107 Beach Time3OceanfrontcondominiumTopsail Beach
Ocean Breeze4OceanviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Hoos At The Beach4OceanviewtownhomeSea Star Village
The Salty Rose4OceanviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Angel's Envy4OceanviewhouseSurf City
The Sandcastle4OceanviewhouseTopsail Beach
Our Goal3OceanfronthouseTopsail Beach
Rhyne-O2OceanfronthouseSurf City
Eleuthera4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Beach Chicks2OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Miller Time4OceanviewhouseSurf City
2980 Yacht Tender3OceanfronttownhomeNorth Topsail Beach
Flip Flops5OceanviewhouseSurf City
Abaco4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Alphin IV4SoundfronthouseTopsail Beach
Sea Mist3OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
The Kooler2OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Precious Memories4OceanviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Buoys & Girls4OceanviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Atkinson Shores4InteriorhouseSurf City
Nepenthe2OceanfronthouseSurf City
Empty Nest4InteriorhouseSurf City
Sea-Duction4OceanviewhouseTopsail Beach
Beachnutz3OceanviewhouseSurf City
Gone Coastal4OceanviewhouseSurf City
Sea Biscuit2OceanfronthouseSurf City
Sounds Perfect3SoundfronthouseTopsail Beach
The Reason Why4OceanviewhouseSurf City
Almost Beachfront4OceanviewhouseSurf City
Once Upon a Tide4OceanviewhouseSurf City
No Regrets4OceanviewhouseSurf City
Tower 5 Retreat2OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Mermaid Avenue4OceanviewhouseSurf City
Endless Paradise3OceanviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Osprey Can You See5SoundviewduplexSurf City
Changes in Attitudes4OceanviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
A Coastal Retreat4CanalviewhouseSurf City
Gang Plank4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Pirates Wake2OceanfronttownhomeSerenity Point
Awesome Ocean View4OceanviewhouseSurf City
Time Out4OceanviewhouseTopsail Beach
Relaxin' @ the Roses4SoundviewtownhomeSurf City
Prelude to Paradise3OceanviewhouseSurf City
Island in the Sun3OceanviewtownhomeNorth Topsail Beach
Daydream Believer2OceanfronthouseSurf City
C-View & Sound2SoundviewtownhomeSerenity Point
2nd Wind3OceanviewhouseSurf City
Beach Barn Upper2Oceanfrontone part of a triplex
Swimmin' with the Pish's2SoundviewtownhomeSerenity Point
Sandy Feet Retreat3OceanviewhouseSurf City
All Docked Out3CanalfronthouseSurf City
Sunrise Cottage By The Sea2OceanfrontduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Pleasant Views3SoundviewhouseTopsail Beach
Summerwind2SoundviewduplexSerenity Point
The Least of Our Worries3InteriorhouseSurf City
Beach Barn 22Oceanfrontone part of a triplexSurf City
Tower 5 Cabana1OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Peaceful Cottage4OceanviewhouseSurf City
Sand and Shell3OceanviewhouseSurf City
Windansea3Second RowhouseSurf City
Coffee Break3SoundviewhouseSurf City
Sand Dollar3CanalfronthouseTopsail Beach
Ruff Life4OceanviewhouseSurf City
Kinco Penthouse1OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Tranquil Times3SoundviewhouseTopsail Beach
Le Grand Mer3Second RowhouseTopsail Beach
Summer Breeze3SoundviewtownhomeNorth Topsail Beach
Sound 'n' Surf4SoundviewhouseSurf City
Last's Caye Beach House3InteriorhouseSurf City
Blistered4InteriorhouseSurf City
Nancy's Too3SoundviewhouseSurf City
Sandy Days3SoundviewtownhomeTurtle Cove
Sounder3OceanviewhouseSurf City
Sea View3OceanviewhouseSurf City
Breakaway3Second RowhouseSurf City
Leaberry3CanalfronthouseTopsail Beach
Paradise Too3SoundviewhouseTopsail Beach
Sunrise to Sunset4OceanviewhouseTopsail Beach
Beach Barn 11Oceanfrontone part of a triplexSurf City
Ocean Zen3SoundviewtownhomeTurtle Cove
Fun-N-The Sun2Second RowhouseSurf City
Surfin' Turtle - 225 Lazy Day Dr3SoundviewtownhomeTurtle Cove
Catchin' A Dream3SoundviewtownhomeTurtle Cove
Shell Shocked1OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Beachcomber1OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Dolphin Watch1OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
A Wave Away1OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Chassam3Second RowtownhomeTurtle Cove
Register2SoundfrontduplexSurf City
Aquarium4InteriorhouseSurf City
S'noran Away2OceanviewduplexSurf City
Old Salt North2Second RowduplexSurf City
Cute as a Button2OceanviewhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Anderson1OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Fits the Bill2Oceanfront B-Lot/OceansidecondominiumSurf Condos
Long Island Escape2Oceanfront B-Lot/OceansidecondominiumSurf Condos
Sandy Turtle - 113 Crosswinds Dr.2OceanviewtownhomeTurtle Cove
Our 'Someday' Cottage2Second RowhouseSurf City
The Turtle Nest2PoolviewtownhomeTurtle Cove
Snail's Pace2Second RowhouseSurf City
Diversify2Oceanfront B-Lot/OceansidecondominiumSurf Condos
A Special Place2PoolviewtownhomeTurtle Cove
A Turtle Grove3InteriorhouseSurf City
Sunshine Trio2Second RowhouseSurf City
A Petite Retreat2Second RowhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Dulce's Inn4OceanviewduplexSurf City
Sea Breeze3OceanviewhouseSurf City
The Lazy Palm1Oceanfront B-Lot/OceansidecondominiumSurf Condos
Parker Place1PoolviewcondominiumSurf Condos
Ocean Vue1Oceanfront B-Lot/OceansidecondominiumSurf Condos
Brown Pelican2OceanviewduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Dive Inn1Oceanfront B-Lot/OceansidecondominiumSurf Condos
Shell Castle1Oceanfront B-Lot/OceansidecondominiumSurf Condos
Happy Feelings2InteriorhouseNorth Topsail Beach