About Us

RentABeach.com is an internet marketing service for vacation rental managers and owners of beach vacation rental properties. Our mission is to promote the use of beach vacation rentals by making it easier for people to shop for, compare, and choose vacation rental homes.

Working with vacation rental managers and their customers, RentABeach aggregates rental property information and then presents a searchable index of offerings where shoppers can easily find and compare rentals.  When a shopper submits a reservation request, the manager of the selected property is notified.  Unlike other sites (which limit access to information about the manager until after the reservation is made), RentABeach openly promotes the vacation rental manager's brand by displaying their logo and a link to their website.

RentABeach was initially established on Topsail Island in 1998 when the founder, Fred Sheffield, created a website to promote his Topsail Dunes condo.  He realized that it would be much better for the shopper and, ultimately, for the area's rental market if it were easier for shoppers to compare properties to find the best fit for their needs, like the realtor's MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for real estate sales.  The concept caught on, and soon the RentABeach site included the majority of Topsail Island's rental properties.

The RentABeach concept has now expanded to nearly all North Carolina beach rental markets as well as Virginia Beach with a selection of over 11,000 beach houses and condos.  RentABeach.com is now the largest website for North Carolina beach vacation rentals that offers accurrate search-by-availability shopping.  Shoppers can search within a destination or even a specific community to find all available properties.  Shoppers without a specific destination in mind can specify their desired dates, the number of bedrooms and other critera and search across all properties.

At RentABeach we are committed to making it easier to shop, compare, and choose a North Carolina or Viginia beach vacation rental home.  To do this we provide the largest selection of up-to-date vacation rental home information in an easy-to-use website.  We are constantly striving to improve our service based on the feedback we get from shoppers and vacation rental owners and managers.

For more information about RentABeach services or to list your property, contact us by phone or email.  We always appreciate feedback about our website and our services