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Property  Bedrooms  Sleeps  Proximity  Type  Location  
Going To Carolina (KD123)10OceanfronthouseKill Devil Hills
Woodshed (KD601)7OceanfronthouseKill Devil Hills
Gaga's Getaway (SNHD4)7OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Carolina Station (SN360)8OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Peterson (SN221)5OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Carpe Beachum (S129)5OceanfronthouseSanderling
Carolina Fever (SN361)8OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Sunset Cove (CH147)4SoundfronthouseColington Harbour
Our Tern (SN832)7First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Peelican's Roost (KD202)6OceanfronthouseKill Devil Hills
Here Comes The Sun (SN550)6First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Implant Haven (PV400)6OceanfronthousePoteskeet
Gillis (S124)4OceanfronthouseSanderling
Beach Nuts (OJ743)6OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Set Back & Relax (OH619)7OceansidehouseOcean Sands
A Whale's Head Inn (SN785)8OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Sea Pointe 2A (NHSP2A)4OceanfronttownhomeNags Head
Beach Music (NH480)7OceanfronthouseNags Head
What Tide Is It? (NH110)4First BlockhouseNags Head
Sea Pointe 1A (NHSP1A)4OceanfronttownhomeNags Head
The Bluffs South (SN100S)4OceanfronttownhomeSouth Nags Head
Summer Song (KD1707)6First BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
1 Skipper's Landing (PC102)4CanalfronthouseManteo
Southport (SN230)5OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Tuckaway (OY128)4Semi-OceanfronthouseDuck
Bally Sithe (OM749)5OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Polly Wog Place (KH44)5First RowhouseKitty Hawk
Noah's Ark (NH475)10First RowhouseNags Head
Carolina Daydreamin' (OA509)6OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Knot To Worry (DRS151)6Semi-OceanfronthouseDuck Ridge Shores
Sunset Paradise (KH361)4SoundfronthouseKitty Hawk
Seaing Is Believing (PV127)5OceansidehousePoteskeet
Banana Bonanza (CD100)4OceansidehouseCarolina Dunes
Jonesin' For The Beach (CP796)5OceansidehouseCrown Point
Actor's Equity (SN503)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Hill Cottage (KD520)3OceanfronthouseKill Devil Hills
Top Of The World (OM739)6OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Our Sandpit (KD207)5First BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Fun2Sea Formerly Mimi's Place (OP729)5OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Beached And Lovin' It (OL774)5OceansidehouseOcean Sands
The Bluffs North (SN100N)4OceanfronttownhomeSouth Nags Head
Sandbank (SC186)4OceansidehouseSchooner Ridge
Latitude Adjustment (OL770)4OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Paradise Cay (CC703)5SoundsidehouseCurrituck Club
Southern Comfort (NH249)6First BlockhouseSeven Sisters
Aqua Dreams (SN981)5OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Stayin' By The Sea (CP727)6OceanfronthouseCrown Point
Sunset Hideaway (SN430)4First BlockhouseSouth Nags Head
Duck Dive (DK209)3OceanfrontcondominiumDuck
Kerr-Oss Za Street (KD105Z)5First RowhouseKill Devil Hills
The Can & Alvin (SN222)5OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Peace Haven (SN423)5First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Cap Star (NH210)6OceanfronthouseNags Head
Luke's Lighthouse (KD1402)5Third BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Bare Feat (NH207)4First RowhouseNags Head
Star Witness (NH690)7First RowhouseNags Head
Hill Top Heaven (SN831)6First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Rhett's Landing (SR120)5OceansidehouseDuck
O'neill (S107)4SoundfronthouseSanderling
Kestrel (S101B)4OceansidehouseSanderling
Gillespie (SN038B)5OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
The Wright Retreat (NH2619)4Second BlockhouseNags Head
Driftin' Inn (OP734)6OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Dolphin Run (SN804)4Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
The Beach House #6 (NHBH6-1)3OceansidehouseNags Head
Sea Star (SN890)6Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Calypso Jo (NH85)5First RowhouseNags Head
White Water (SN231)7OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Terrapin Station (OF633)4OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Just Ducky (OF621)4OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Finally Here (SN576)5First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Avalon Sunset (SN523)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Sea And Sound (NH802)6SoundsidehouseNags Head
Ducktron (SGS108)4OceansidehouseDuck
Seaquil (SN571)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Berry By The Bay (SV133)4SoundfronthouseDuck
Water's Edge (S150)4OceanfronthouseSanderling
Atlantic Myth (SS41)4OceansidehouseSouthern Shores
Rockfish (BB102)5OceansidehouseDuck
Duck Manor (CD110)4OceansidehouseCarolina Dunes
Mills Mermaid Inn (KD577)4First BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
A Promise Kept (KD1400)4Third BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Crystal Star (NH703)6OceanfronthouseNags Head
Beavers Cottage (SN344)4First BlockhouseSouth Nags Head
Shore Bet (CD111)4OceansidehouseCarolina Dunes
Blanchard (NH600)5OceanfronthouseNags Head
Lemonade (NP101)6OceansidehouseDuck
Atlantic View (KD208)5First BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Dolphin Run (SGD885)5OceansidehouseDuck
Atchison Shack (CS219)2Semi-OceanfrontcondominiumColony by the Sea
Casa 1 (KDCDS1)3OceanfronttownhomeKill Devil Hills
Casa 2 (KDCDS2)3OceanfronttownhomeKill Devil Hills
Parks (KD670)4First RowhouseKill Devil Hills
Hearts Desire (SN246)5Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Bond Cottage (NH601)5OceanfronthouseNags Head
Endless Summer (SN327)3Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
The Perry Cottage (SN465)4OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
True North (SGS22)4OceansidehouseDuck
Oreo's Place (SN201)4OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
Sun Spot Cottage (SN724)3OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Sea Sharp (SN351)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
End Zone (SN155)4OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Quay A6 (NHQA6)3OceanfronttownhomeThe Quay
Grand Colors By The Bay (N129B)3SoundsidetownhomeDuck
Club Star (NH580)6OceansidehouseThe Village at Nags Head
Sands 1C (KDS1C)2OceanfrontcondominiumThe Sands
Simple Pleasures (ON749)6OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Time To Unwind (NHDR102)4First RowhouseNags Head
Windswept (WH873)5OceanfronthouseWhalehead Beach
Reel Dreams (SN532)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
A Shore Thing (SR118)4Semi-OceanfronthouseDuck
Sunspot Retreat (SNGW24)4OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
The Lion's Den (NH763)6Third BlockhouseNags Head
Fanta-Sea (OF606)5Semi-OceanfronthouseOcean Sands
Sweet Virginia (CP775)5Semi-OceanfronthouseCrown Point
Stork's Nest (SN533)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Opper-Tuna-T (SN633)5OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Knob Hill East (OH649)4OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Reconnect (SN519)5First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Gunny's Getaway (SN546)4OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
A Bright Spot (OE603)4OceansidehouseOcean Sands
The Sunshine Shack (KD704)3Second BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
The Lighthouse (SN426)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Hawks Nest (NH1212)4First BlockhouseNags Head
Endless Summer (GS23)2OceansidetownhomeGeorgetown Sands
Teacher's Lair (NH96)4First BlockhouseNags Head
Pier View (SNOP301)2Semi-OceanfrontcondominiumSouth Nags Head
Desi's Delight (SNGW31)4Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Bunch Of Fun (SN309)3OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Turtles Pace (NH2618)4First BlockhouseNags Head
Sea Side (OK751)4OceansidehouseOcean Sands
The Slip (KD176)4First BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Nod-A-Way Trace (NH65)4Semi-Oceanfront/First RowhouseNags Head
Tangoobx (SN370)3OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
Island Dream (NH2700)4First BlockhouseNags Head
Sunrise Sunset (SN511)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Atlantic Oasis (SN040D)4OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
Prince Of Tides (SN215)5OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Sea Stars (CD101)3OceansidehouseCarolina Dunes
Friday's Harbor (NH692)4OceansidecondominiumNags Head
E'sea Duck (CS224)1OceanfrontcondominiumColony by the Sea
Sandy Cheeks (KDAF1)2OceanfrontcondominiumAdmiral's View
Believe (CH149)4CanalfronthouseColington Harbour
The Judge's Chambers (NH3213)4Second BlockhouseNags Head
Luna Sea (SN234)4OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
Ocean Dream (GS38)2OceansidetownhomeGeorgetown Sands
Ruby Skies (SH100)4OceansidehouseSeahawk
Sounds Pier-Fect (CH181)4SoundfronthouseColington Harbour
Against All Odds (SH13)4OceansidehouseSeahawk
Beachie Keen (SA64)3OceansidehouseSaltaire
The Wiser Choice (NHDR250)4First BlockhouseNags Head
Golden Strand E1 (KDGSE1)3OceanfrontcondominiumKill Devil Hills
East Of The Sun (CS203)1OceanfrontcondominiumColony by the Sea
Gone Coastal (CD112)4OceansidehouseCarolina Dunes
Laurens Cove (OJ767)5OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Shell Shack (GS26)2OceansidetownhomeGeorgetown Sands
Beach Barn (SN237)4OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Prissy Gale (SN851)4OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
Dune Buggy (KD917)3OceanfronthouseKill Devil Hills
Not Long Enough (CS122)1Semi-OceanfrontcondominiumColony by the Sea
Amazing View (SN216)4Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Tides Cottage (SN861)4OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
Anderson (W1027)5OceansidehouseWhalehead Beach
Double The Odds (SH12)4OceansidehouseSeahawk
Rising Sun (OP744)4OceansidehouseOcean Sands
The Deep Blue Sea (KD118)3Second BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Rudy (KD12A)3OceanfronthouseKill Devil Hills
Serendipity (KDCS204)3OceanfrontcondominiumCrytsal Shores Condos
Sea Asylum (SN337)4OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
Sea-Duck-Tion (SAC21)4OceansidehouseSea Acres
Winstead (KD71)3Second BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Beyond The Sea (SGS101)4OceansidehouseDuck
Sand Dollar (CS124)1OceanfrontcondominiumColony by the Sea
Heron Cove #103 (NH103)3OceanfrontcondominiumHeron Cove
Island Cottage (JC100)5SoundsidehouseDuck
Surfsong (OFA2)3OceansidecondominiumCorolla
To Beach (NH743)4Third BlockhouseNags Head
Skipper's Rest (KD534)4Third BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Carolina Rose (OP746)4OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Migration (SN765)3First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Duckwinds (DBV2B)3OceanfrontcondominiumDuck Blind Villas
Better Late Than Never (KD1003)3SoundsidehouseKill Devil Hills
Talley Ho (P119)4OceansidehousePoteskeet
Lotsa Duck (ODB146)4OceansidehouseOlde Duck Beach
Pirate's Dream (KD205)4Second BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Dancin' Breeze (NH756)4Second BlockhouseNags Head
Yachtsman 203 (NHY203)2OceanfrontcondominiumSouth Nags Head
Sands 2A (KDS2A)2OceanfrontcondominiumThe Sands
The Gettawave (SN389)3Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Marsh Rose Cottage (CD127)4OceansidehouseCarolina Dunes
Dune Lantern 102 (NHDL102)2OceanfrontcondominiumDune Lantern
Farrell (NH779)3Second BlockhouseNags Head
Buddy's Sandlot (NH520)3SoundsidehouseThe Village at Nags Head
Captain Quirk's (NH301)3Second BlockhouseNags Head
Unique (NH4512)4SoundsidehouseNags Head
Peaceful Easy Feeling (KD382)4First BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Dune Lantern #101 (NH106)2OceanfrontcondominiumDune Lantern
Sand Crab (KD151)4First BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Ms 'B' Haven (NH691)4OceansidehouseNags Head
Sweet Home Carolina (ON751)5OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Surf's Up (OFA3)2OceansidecondominiumCorolla
Dorsey (KD24)4First RowhouseKill Devil Hills
The Villas N1 (NHVN1)3SoundsidecondominiumNags Head
Wadel (S112)4OceansidehouseSanderling
Northpoint 32-6 Keepsake (NP32-6)4OceanfronthouseDuck
Tracy Cottage (SN310)3Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Col. Retreat (CH475)3SoundsidehouseColington Harbour
Duck Daze (GS15)2OceansidetownhomeGeorgetown Sands
La Vielle Batie Dxme (NH757)3Third BlockhouseNags Head
Awesome 'D' (SN428)4First BlockhouseSouth Nags Head
The Beach House (CS85)4OceansidehouseColony by the Sea
Cambridge Cove (KD1103)3SoundsidetownhomeBermuda Bay
Seaclusion (WDD14)4OceansidehouseWild Duck Dunes
Sweet Pea (PC921)3SoundfrontcondominiumManteo
Corolla Clipper (OF622A)3OceansidecondominiumCorolla
Pope (SN862)3First BlockhouseSouth Nags Head
Hungarter (BB132)3OceansidehouseDuck
Sandcastle (SN415)3First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Marooned II (BB17)4OceansidehouseDuck
Sound Effect (CD108)4OceansidehouseCarolina Dunes
Sandy Feet (SN9629)4Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Hughes Retreat (KDHR202)3Second BlockcondominiumHughes Retreat
Quay Unit E5 (NHQE5)3OceanfrontcondominiumThe Quay
Ward's Reward (KDS6C)2OceanfrontcondominiumThe Sands
Skipper's Catch (KDSS11)3OceanfrontcondominiumScrimshaw Condos
Windsong (NH3304)4Second BlockhouseNags Head
Gull's View (GF104)4OceansidehouseGull's Flight
Haus Of Chance (SN814)3OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
Sands 4A (KDS4A)2OceanfrontcondominiumThe Sands
Songbird (NH752)4SoundsidehouseNags Head
Curved Oar (SN843)3OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
At Last (KD26)3Semi-Oceanfront/First RowhouseKill Devil Hills
Maddie's Beach Box (NH718)3Second BlockhouseNags Head
Almost Home (SN219)4OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
The Happy Clam (CS82)4OceansidehouseColony by the Sea
Morris (KD12)4OceanfronthouseKill Devil Hills
Wills Way Too (SN816)3OceanfronttownhomeSouth Nags Head
Seaward (NH201)2OceanfrontcondominiumDune Lantern
Mccollough (NH3200)4Third BlockhouseNags Head
Shore Thing (SA113)3OceansidehouseSaltaire
Stingray (NH203)2Third BlockhouseNags Head
Beauty To Sea (CS309)1Semi-OceanfrontcondominiumColony by the Sea
Tabb (CD107)3OceansidehouseCarolina Dunes
Pintail Point (GS29)2OceansidetownhomeGeorgetown Sands
Windance By The Sea (SN821)2Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Seawalk 15 (NHSW15)2Semi-OceanfronttownhomeSeawalk
Beach Dream (SN444)4First BlockhouseSouth Nags Head
Windjammer Unit O (NHWJO)2OceanfronttownhomeNags Head
A Pair-A-Dice (SA118)4OceansidehouseSaltaire
Outer House (KD645)3Third BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Junebug's Bungalow (SNGW23)3Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Viola (NH753)3Third BlockhouseNags Head
Duck Master (GS32)2OceansidetownhomeGeorgetown Sands
Scrimshaw 12 (KDSS12)2OceanfrontcondominiumScrimshaw Condos
Lamb (KD368)3Third BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
The Villas I3 (NHVI3)2SoundsidetownhomeNags Head
Seasons On The Sound (N135A)3SoundsidetownhomeDuck
Lord Calvert (NH716)3Third BlockhouseNags Head
Just Beachy (SN420)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
White (KD148)2SoundsidehouseKill Devil Hills
Garrett (SNGW10)4OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
Atlantic Crest (NHAC-D)3First BlocktownhomeAtlantic Crest
Brooks (NH798)3Third BlockhouseNags Head
Deckedy-Do-Da (NH244)5First BlockhouseSeven Sisters
Northpoint 14-3 Atlantic Serenade (NP14-3)4OceanfronthouseDuck
Barrier Island Unit 309 Week 27 (DK30927)3OceansidecondominiumDuck
108 Ferris Avenue (Y108)3houseKill Devil Hills
Barrier Island Duck Unit Vipb Week 28 (DKVIPB28)1OceansidecondominiumDuck
Barrier Island Unit 802 Week 32 (DK80232)2OceansidecondominiumDuck
Southern Comfort Obx (SN429)4First BlockhouseSouth Nags Head
Barrier Island Unit 402 Week 29 (DK40229)2OceansidecondominiumDuck
Colors By The Sea (NH764)6Third BlockhouseNags Head
Casa Del Sol (NHSR696)4SoundsidehouseNags Head
Barrier Island Unit 802 Week 31 (DK80231)2OceansidecondominiumDuck
Montery Pines Condo #815M (Y815M)2condominiumCorolla
Barrier Island Unit 110 Week 27 (DK11027)3OceansidecondominiumDuck
Barrier Island Unit 807 Week 31 (DK80731)2OceansidecondominiumDuck
147 D Victor Meekins Drive (Y147)3houseManteo
Barrier Island Unit 310 Week 34 (DK31034)2OceansidecondominiumDuck
Barrier Island Duck Unit Vipa Week 28 (DKVIPA28)3OceansidecondominiumDuck
Done Deale (SN9026)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Bayberry Breezes (BB130)6OceansidehouseDuck
Schaffner Cottage (SN417)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Barrier Island Unit 811 Week 26 (DK81126)2OceansidecondominiumDuck
Barrier Island Unit 418 Week 29 (DK41829)2OceansidecondominiumDuck
Once Upon A Time (SN525)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Dancing Dolphin (MT123)5CanalfronthouseManteo
Summerwind (S243)4OceansidehouseSanderling
Overtime (BB68)4OceansidehouseDuck
Ten-A-Sea (KD62)3First BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
M & S Hide-A-Way (KH49)3First RowhouseKitty Hawk
Lobster Cove (NH311)3First RowtownhomeAtlantic Crest
Nags Tale (SN629)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Mt. Hope South (SN401)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
'Happy Eyes' Admiral's View II B-3 (KDAB3)2OceanfrontcondominiumAdmiral's View
Alston (KD117)4Second BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Serenity Now (MT201)5CanalfronthouseManteo
Sandpiper Trace (KD344)3Third BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Salt & Light (KD23)3OceanfronthouseKill Devil Hills
Serenity Now (SN326)4OceansidehouseSouth Nags Head
Southern Escape (SS8)4OceansidehouseSouthern Shores
Pelican Court House (SN399)4Semi-OceanfronthouseSouth Nags Head
Playstation (SN574)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Sitting Duck (BB73)4OceansidehouseDuck
Sonnie Beaches (NH304)4First BlockhouseNags Head
A Seasun Ticket (NHSC311)3SoundsidecondominiumNags Head
Greystone II (KD130)4First BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
Banja (NH66)3Second BlockhouseNags Head
Gen3Va (SN661)4First RowhouseSouth Nags Head
Slate's Beach Haven (NH742)5Second BlockhouseNags Head
Windjammer P (WJP34)2condominiumNags Head
Duckvine (DRS96)4OceansidehouseDuck Ridge Shores
The Swift House (KD680)3First BlockhouseKill Devil Hills
A Dreamcatcher (OH622)5OceansidehouseOcean Sands
Kittiwake (S242)4Semi-OceanfronthouseSanderling
Barrier Island Unit 413 Week 27 (DK41327)3OceansidecondominiumDuck
Lausin (S83)4OceansidehouseSanderling
Windgancon By The Sea (SGN132)3OceanfronthouseDuck
Barrier Island Unit 116 Week 32 (DK11632)2OceansidecondominiumDuck
The Water House (CH146)5SoundfronthouseColington Harbour
B 'N Sea (SA62)4OceansidehouseSaltaire
Wilson's Landing (SH135)4SoundfronthouseSeahawk
Heaven For Seven (NH247)8First BlockhouseSeven Sisters