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Coastal Vacation Resorts Vacation Rentals on Oak Island

Coastal Vacation Resorts Oak Island has 91 properties listed on RentABeach. Below is a list of rental properties sorted by name. Click on a property's name to view its listing.

For more information, visit or call: Coastal Vacation Resorts - Oak Island 800-745-5982.

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Property  Bedrooms  Proximity  Type  Location  
License to Chill4OceanfronthouseOak Island
Outrigger5OceanfronthouseOak Island
GullWing4OceanfronthouseOak Island
Wanda's Wish5OceanfronthouseCaswell Beach
1 Fish 2 Fish4Second RowhouseOak Island
Tiger Pause5OceanfronthouseOak Island
Sandy Cheeks4OceanfronthouseOak Island
Made in the Shade6Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
In From the World4OceanfronthouseOak Island
No Wake Zone4OceanfronthouseOak Island
1 Fine Day4OceanfronthouseOak Island
Calm-N-Rea's5Second RowhouseOak Island
Blue Marlin4Second RowhouseOak Island
Life's A Beach (Coastal Vacation Resorts)4OceanfronthouseOak Island
Tucker's Choice4Island interiorhouseOak Island
Stingray3OceanfronthouseOak Island
Sea Crest II4OceanfronthouseOak Island
Sea Biddy4OceanfronthouseOak Island
Ocean Watch5Second RowhouseOak Island
Holidaze4Second RowhouseOak Island
Mystic Breeze3OceanfronthouseOak Island
Kingfisher4OceanfronthouseOak Island
Moby Dick4OceanfronthouseOak Island
1 Day At A Time4Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Yaupon Dunes 2083Second rowcondominiumYaupon Dunes
Livingston3OceanfronthouseOak Island
Natural Hi4Second RowhouseOak Island
Little Sunshine4Second RowhouseOak Island
Banks Landing4Waterway ViewhouseOak Island
1 Good Memory3Island interiorhouseOak Island
Park Place3OceanfronthouseOak Island
2 Sea's The Day3OceanfronthouseOak Island
Sunrise Sunset3OceanfronthouseOak Island
A Lega Sea3Second RowhouseOak Island
The Parent Hood4Second RowhouseOak Island
Four Hours and 20 Minutes4OceanfronthouseOak Island
5 O'Clock Somewhere3OceanfronthouseOak Island
Seascape3OceanfronthouseCaswell Beach
Pop's Place3OceanfronthouseOak Island
Gray Gull3OceanfronthouseOak Island
Everything's Just Beachy3Island interiorhouseOak Island
Rising Son3Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Calico Cat4Second RowhouseOak Island
Southern Paradise3OceanfronthouseOak Island
Charlie & Ann's Place3OceanfrontcondominiumSouthern Shore Villas
Across the Seas3Second RowhouseOak Island
Oak Island Villa 14103OceanfrontcondominiumOcean Walk Condos
Johnstone3OceanfronthouseCaswell Beach
C Breeze3Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Morganwood4Caswell BeachhouseCaswell Beach
M T Nest3Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Beach House4Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
A Wave From It All3Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Aloha3Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Oak Island Villa 16103OceanviewcondominiumOcean Walk Condos
Chalet by the Sea4Second RowhouseOak Island
Sea Nest2OceanfronthouseOak Island
2 Lil' OKI's3Island interiorhouseOak Island
Family Tides4Island interiorhouseOak Island
Island Arbors3Island interiorhouseOak Island
A Gift From Heaven3Island interiorhouseOak Island
Dream Catcher3Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Graham House3Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Blue Surf 22OceanfrontduplexOak Island
Blue Surf 12OceanfrontduplexOak Island
Karen K3Second RowhouseOak Island
Bettor's Booty3Second RowhouseOak Island
Mol Sea3Second RowhouseOak Island
Sailors Rest2OceanfronthouseOak Island
Coral Reef4Second RowhouseOak Island
Tee & Sea3Caswell BeachhouseCaswell Beach
Miss Mary's2Second RowhouseOak Island
GiGi's Getaway4Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Bell-y-Flop3Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Bruce's Breeze3Second RowhouseOak Island
Cindy Ann3Second RowhouseOak Island
Writer's Island Cottage2Island interiorhouseOak Island
Morganwood Up2Ocean viewduplexCaswell Beach
Little Sea Hen3Waterway ViewhouseOak Island
Salty Paws2Island interiorhouseOak Island
Our Happy Place3Island interiorb. Island Home RentalOak Island
The Dwight House3Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island
Sea Suite1OceanfronthouseOak Island
Always Home3Island interiorhouseOak Island
Portuguese Wanderer3Island interiorhouseOak Island
Tecumseh2Island interiorhouseOak Island
Art Shack3Island interiorhouseOak Island
Collier2Second RowhouseOak Island
Carolina House2Island interiorhouseOak Island
Sandpiper3Third/Fourth RowhouseOak Island