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Island Real Estate by Cathy Medlin 1-800-622-6886 Island Real Estate by Cathy Medlin

Island Real Estate by Cathy Medlin has 69 properties listed on RentABeach. Below is a list of rental properties sorted by name. Click on a property's name to view its listing.

For more information, visit the Island Real Estate by Cathy Medlin web site, TopsailVacation.com,

or call them at 800-622-6886. Please say "I found this on RentABeach.com!"


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Property  Bedrooms  Sleeps  Proximity  Type  Location  
Beach Dome6OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Portals5OceanfrontcottageNorth Topsail Beach
It's A Wonderful Life4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Island Gamble4OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Pelican Palace5OceanfrontcottageSurf City
Ibiza4OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Mallorca4OceanfrontduplexSurf City
Pointe Pleasant4WaterfrontBoat StorageSurf City
Luna Escape4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Eyeland Getaway4InteriorhouseSurf City
Bay & Beach5WaterfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem4OceanfronthouseVillage of Stump Sound
Piece of Mine4OceanfronthouseSurf City
Recovery Room4OceanfronthouseVillage of Stump Sound
Snug Harbor4OceanfronthouseSurf City
A New View4Second RowhouseNorth Topsail Beach
A Surfin Dolphin4OceanfrontduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Flamingo Crossing3OceanfrontduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Island in the Sun4OceanfrontcottageNorth Topsail Beach
Uppie's Skybox3OceanfrontcottageNorth Topsail Beach
Oceans 5115Second RowhouseSurf City
Surf's Up3OceanfronthouseSurf City
Heaven-Lee Retreat5WaterfronthouseSurf City
Eastern Sails3OceanfrontduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Heaven-Lee Sunset3WaterfronthouseTopsail Beach
Sandy Pause4InteriorhouseSurf City
Amy-Lew3OceanfrontcottageSurf City
Bland's Landing5WaterfronthouseTopsail Beach
Caddy Shack6WaterfronthouseSurf City
On Broadway4WaterfronthouseSurf City
Paradise Inn4Second-rowtownhomeSummer Winds Townhomes
Fidelis8Second RowhouseSurf City
Rockin' Robbins5WaterfronthouseTopsail Beach
Sunset Get Away5WaterfrontcottageSurf City
Fats Baby's Place4WaterfronthouseSurf City
Giddy's Get-A-Way2Second RowhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Turtle Dunes3OceanfronthouseNorth Topsail Beach
Family Tides2Second RowduplexTopsail Beach
Angel's Nest3OceanfrontCottage, duplex, or TownhomeSurf City
Bottoms Up4MainlandhouseSurf City
Dock Holiday4WaterfronthouseSurf City
Caribbean Soul5Second RowhouseSurf City
The Great Escape3Second RowhouseSurf City
St. Regis Resort 251327OceanfrontcondominiumSt. Regis Resort
Not In House4Second RowhouseNorth Topsail Beach
His Idea2OceanfrontcottageNorth Topsail Beach
Sweet Coraline3InteriorhouseTopsail Beach
Looking Glass4WaterfronttownhomeSurf City
A Shore Thing4InteriorhouseSurf City
Topsail Villa 493OceanfronttownhomeNorth Topsail Beach
Dads Dream Maker3InteriorduplexTopsail Beach
Sounds of the Sea3Second RowCottage, duplex, or TownhomeNorth Topsail BeachSurf City
Surf Condo 2382OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Turtle Cove 1292Second RowtownhomeTurtle Cove
Finisterre3Second RowduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Wind Swept3Second RowduplexNorth Topsail Beach
Marsh Madness3WaterfronthouseSurf City
Beach Breezes3Second-rowhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Bermuda Landing 013WaterfronttownhomeBermuda Landing
Cat's Meow2WaterfrontCottage, duplex, or TownhomeTopsail Beach
Sea Coast Suites 12InteriorcondominiumSurf City
Surf Condo 2332OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Kooky Krab2InteriorhouseNorth Topsail Beach
Lucky Dog2InteriorhouseSurf City
StanCastle3InteriorhouseSurf City
Surf Condo 1221OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Surf Condo 1121OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Topsail Dunes 32001OceanfrontcondominiumTopsail Dunes Villas
SS Minnow2InteriorcottageNorth Topsail Beach
Surf Condo 7181OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Surf Condo 7131OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Surf Condo 8141OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Surf Condo 4151OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Surf Condo 6211OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos
Bermuda Landing 113InteriortownhomeBermuda Landing
Surf Condo 8221OceanfrontcondominiumSurf Condos